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As our everyday life can be so hectic, I love focusing on simple things around us and

discovering new aspects of life.

My biggest source of inspiration is nature with all its beauty, richness and variety.  

I have always wondered how nature can create the most perfect textures, surfaces and patterns around us. Sometimes you need to stop to look deeper and realise all the connections. Most of my work is inspired by the textures, surfaces and color combinations found in nature.


While studying in art college, I came familiar with traditional textile techniques. Over the last years I have specialized in felting, free hand embroidery and tapestry weaving.

At the moment these are the best mediums for experimenting with fiber, textures and surface design.

My work contains fiber art wall hangings, wearable art, accessories and range of home decor products. 

During last few years I have been focusing more on creative process of interior textiles, wall hangings and exhibition work. 

Over the years I have also been teaching a range of different workshops and courses - mainly in different techniques of felting but also in other art & craft areas. I am also a part time art teacher. 

I live and work in the quiet countryside barn studio. As I am passionate about fiber, we have a small fiber farm specialising on Swedish finewool sheep (finulls).


I am a member of International Feltmakers Association and Finnish Felt association Filtti.

If you have a project or commission you would like to discuss, please get in contact. 

Reena Curphey

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