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Wall hanging "Basis of life"

Wall hanging "Basis of life"

400,00 €Price

Wall hanging "Basis of life" is part of the collection Water created in 2020-2021. 

This is a relatively large piece of fiber art, which will add some impact for your chosen room. It is abstract textured wall art, which is suitable for any modern living space. Due to its theme, it is well fitted in the space next to the sea or water. 

I do not live next to sea, but I love walking at the beach. This work symbolises me the struggles of life. While standing in the water waves can hit you, but as long as you find the surface, you will have your basis of live.




    The size of this work is 90x90 cm (36x36 inches) and it is on the wooden frame which is 2,5 cm (1 inch) thick.
    It is made of extra fine merino wool and different fibre (silk, ramie etc), silk fabric (margilan, chiffon, pongee) and yarn in a wet felting technique. It has many elements of surface design, which creates lots of textures. I also used free hand embroidery to add some stitching. I hand dyed some of the silk used in the design.